February 09, 2012

Keeping my cards close to my chest (or is it my baby?)

90th percentile in pretty much all areas.


"Vous cachez bien votre jeu", you're keeping your cards close to your chest, the OB-GYN said last week, as I was in for my last ultrasound, having checked the baby and now looking at the whole 5'1 of me. 

Poker terms notwithstanding, I am not sure whether I am more proud or scared to seem to be able to produce big (for me, at least) babies. One one hand, it gives me comfort to think that, should she leave her indoor pool early, she'll be already reasonnably big and strong. Malo and now this little girl growing inside me and clearly enjoying their time there should also give me comfort than my body is not only good at running, it is good at populating the world, too. That should include giving birth, so no need to worry too much.

On the other hand, well...

1. the first pregnancy went super well only to end up in a totally unexpected emergency C-section does not necessarily support this evidence ;

2. I have reached the point where I find I am big enough as it is, and don't need another two months of the baby gaining another 2 or even 3 kgs (yes I know, that's me being a bit overdramatic here). The OB-GYN may think I don't look like I am carrying such a big baby for my size, but, I mean, has he really, really, looked at my belly? To me, it definitely already looks like a giant inflatable balloon, and one which is meant to keep inflating until early April. Difficult to imagine. And scary.

3. I am indeed 5'1 and less than 45kgs when not pregnant.  Not exactly 90th percentile, is it? And let's face it, I am rather unlikely to get much taller and bigger in between now and birth, so a big baby is not necessarily such a blessing, especially with a first C-Section under my belt (pun not intended) and a pelvimetry planned for next week.Of course, I could try and think positive (now, wouldn't that be a first?) and think that estimation of foetus' weight can easily be off by 10-15%, which would then take her back to where Malo was at the same stage of pregnancy. That, or... 10-15% higher than the 2.060kgs announced. Already 2.370kgs at only 31 weeks and 4 days? That, I don't even want to envisage.

But isn't the main reason for not wanting this baby to be too big, or at least not to be, at birth, bigger than Malo is this one : do we really need, in this family, one more reason for the two kids to querrel when they're older, along the lines of :
"Shut up, you're only a girl".
" That may be so, but I was heavier than you and I was born, so you shut up".

Well, I surely think not.

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