February 09, 2012

A good mix

Looking at the recent downhill skiing results results at the Kandahar and the nationalities represented on the podim - first Romed Baumann, Austrian, second Alexis Pinturault, French - I started having dreams of a brilliant skiing career for Malo (OK, this is a big lie : there is no way,  I want sports to be anything but a game for Malo for now - if he llater wants to make something more serious of it, it'll be his choice, not mine. But I need an introduction, so did not mind the lie).

Good thing then that we took him for his first skiing experience just over a week ago (second one really, but he was standing on his dad's skis the first time round, do it does not really count).

Well, if he liked in in this weather, the chance is he will like it always. The fog grew thicker and thicker as we were driving there and to say the visibility was limited when we finally parked would be a massive understatement.

Mind you, at least, it was cold, but not too cold. Not -30°C cold like what we've been having since pretty much the day following our skiing trip (and this is France, not Canada, therefore -30°C for the best part of 2 weeks - and counting - is almost unheard of... 470 people have died in Europe because of the cold since it started). Goven that 1. if I had to chose one or the other to experience with skiing, I would go for the fog anytime and 2.I am the one chosing for Malo these days, it was just as well it was foggy but not artic-cold.

I guess Malo's parents were definitely as excited much, much more excited than the star of the day himself that he was at last on skis. I mean, at 2 years and 5 months, it was about time, wasn't it? I am just kidding here, but, mind you, checking the average age - three? three and a half at the most? - of the skiers on the runs, in this tiny "resort" (if 2 runs constitute a resort), you would be forgiven to think all the parents take their skiing pretty seriously here and want to make sure they have indeed fathered / mothered the next generation's Hermann Maier or Lindsay Vonn.

I sacrified myself by letting Martin start with Malo...

... then could not help it and after 2-3 "runs" (the bottom of them really... we did not even take the "magic carpet") asked to swap, which was only a partial success since Malo was in one of his "no, not Maman, Papa" days, by which he makes very clear he is not necessarily 100%- happy wityh the baby sister situation. 

Truth be told, the best part of the day, if you were to ask the key man, was without a doubt the biscuit-break that followed the skiing. 

As for me, well, the day was used as undeniable evidence that the toughest bit about skiing while 7-month pregnant is ... putting one's skiing boots on.

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Angela and David said...

I am super impressed you can ski at this point. My belly would certainly have me toppling over. And I can't even imagine the strain of getting into ski boots.

And it sounds like skiing at an early age there is very similar to the playing of hockey here at an early age. Everybody wants their kid to be the next hockey super star.