September 08, 2009

This is Malo, the little one with the crazy Mum

I have not posted for a while, but this time, I have the excuse of hell: I have given birth to a beautiful little boy, Malo, on the 26th of August. I know I could be considered bias, but he really is beautiful.

We have now been back home for a week. Baby Malo is doing great, his Mum a bit less, but getting better (that's my second excuse for not posting since I came back).

More soon, but in the meantime, please post your comments, we'll give them for him to read as soon as he is able to (couple of months?)!


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Misty said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Tazneem's. I was just on her blog and she said I should check out yours. I am amazed. So many of my friends/family have just given up doing anything as soon as they got pregnant. You are an inspiration for me if/when I get pregnant. Thanks for being an awesome woman. You are my hero.