August 24, 2009

Too hot

Yes, too hot... I am obviously not talking about me: would not dream of thinking of a whale as "hot"... No, it is just the weather... so hot that, although I would have plenty to write about... I just can't get round it.

So no activity on the blog front, which does not mean we stayed completely inactive over the last few weeks (well, you know us). Last week-end, we in fact decided to kill two birds with one stone by fighting the heat while giving Petite Boule a pre-taste of another water sport:

A third bird to kill could have been to use that oportunity for a water birth, but Petite Boule was clearly in no rush...

Given he has not decided to get out yet, he has not been able to tell us whether he liked it... but one thing is sure: his mother did. Who said "too childlish to have a kid herself"?


topo said...

This post made me want a donut.

...Please don't hurt me.

MutsYah said...

I heard Petite Boule has arrived, congratulations!
Enjoy :D,