March 13, 2012

Is That It?

And no, I am not talking about being about to give birth (or at least, I don't think so at this very minute).

What I am talking about is the question whether my going "running" (I am using the term loosely, "jogging" or "plodding" may be more appropriate) has come to an end for this pregnancy. Running, and, who knows, maybe any kind of sport, bar, maybe, swimming?

For the last 9 days, I have had really sharp pain in the pelvic area whenever I am standing, walking, or lying. And if you read and think "well, that's pretty much always, then", you'll be right. That pain feels like a powerful electrical shock is going through my pelvis, and it last for hours whenever it starts. My "sport" of last weekend consisted of a (fast) out- (and excruciatingly slow) back 1h45 walk towards the lake, most of which spent crying because it was so painful. I knew it was not the kind of pain to nothing to worry about,so I kept on walking until we got back

Malo having a snack by the lake before heading back, his mum looking a bit like she is faking her smile.

To make up for the lack of running and walking, I have been  doing a bit of cross training (at last), limited to swimming, since I don't have a gym membership any longer (I am not yet over the fact that is more expensive to get one here than in London, a super expensive city, of all places) but the limited ridiculous opening times of the pool means I have not been able to get anything done anything since my great Saturday walk. 

A visit to the OB on Monday confirmed what I thought : the baby has come down, and is pressing against probably a nerve, or ligaments, or both (just to make sure it does hurt). This would be good news, except that, as a C-section has also eventually been scheduled on that same appointment, the coming-down and the associated pain seem a bit on the useless side.

When pregnant with Malo, I experienced back pain, but that was it. And this time round, apart from very slight nausea which never came back after a visit to the magician my acupuncture therapist, I had no pain whatsoever, and not even a slight discomfort when running. Now, I can hear those of you who suffered from morning sickness, swollen ankles, back pain, contractions since the 5th month, or worse, threats of premature labor or those condemned to bed rest : what am I complaining about, when everything has been so easy until I am into my 8th month? Yes, I can see you read this and laugh your head off. Or sneer. , Well, you may. It does not entirely take the frustration away though. Call me self-centered too.
No need to say I am starting to feel a bit restless. I try to deal with my impatience by resting ahead of the C-section, and reading. Not 100% sure though that my choice of book, Chrissie Wellington's autobiography, following Angela's review, may not be - oh ever so slightly - in my "condition", on the masochist side.


Karen said...

That sucks that you're not feeling well, but the baby will come soon, right?

The scenery and weather look beautiful there!

Angela and David said...

It just doesn't seem at all fair that the baby dropped and you have to have a c-section. I'd be frustrated as well! Maybe you can combine swimming laps with aqua jogging? Hang in there!

Nicole said...

I went from running 2hrs to unable to walk around the house. I understand how you feel. Nothing can take the place for running.
Hang in there.