June 04, 2010

Friday evening (not running, nor climbing, nor Malo and definitely NOT ROMANCE related) conversation

Martin: "What are you doing?"
Me: "I am sending a text message to Bénédicte. How come you're asking, since I have told you I would 2 minutes ago?"
Martin: "No, I am sure you did not".
Me: "Yes I did. You even said "oui" when I told you."
Martin: "I can't even remember saying "oui""
Me: "I cannot believe we're having this conversation... married less than 3 years, and you're already not listening to me anymore"
Martin: "But still, you have to admit it is really cool I can now say "oui" in French so naturally I don't even notice it. Plus, if I had said "jo", in Austrian, you would have realised much faster I was not listening."
Me: "This conversation is so useless I think I have to write a post about it."
Martin: "cool idea: that will be your first ever SHORT post....
...you're not really going to blog on this, are you?"

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