March 12, 2010

Mountain Masochist

Getting in training mode for upcoming trail races, I realised I needed new shoes. I got my (all very legitimate) excuses lined up: my current pairs were either comfy but not responsive enough, or perfect in snow and wet conditions but not ideal on harder terrain. Or too wide. Or giving me blisters. Or the wrong colour. 

Whatever. I just needed new ones.

And so I went hunting, and found...  the PERFECT shoes.


Now, Martin is, not very fairly it lust be said, claiming that I bought them because I just love that name. OK, fine: I just love that name.

A couple of days ago, my little, size 3,  masochists, arrive, and  I immediately start feeling some itching in my feet:  it is time to prove that I deserve them. That it is not just a I-baught-these-shoes-because-I-like-that-stupid-name purchase, but that I am a true mountain lover. Or a true mountain masochist. Same thing.

So here am I, planning where to go and treat them promptly to their first serious run. Which obviously needs to be on a mountain. And ideally a rather steep one. Add rain and a lot of slippery mud for good measure. On  my lunch break, meaning I get neither lunch nor a break. And, in case this does not make for a true masochist experience, I add a cold, runny nose and a sore throat for good measure

Man, what a great run!

The run starts next to a cemetery, and less than 30 seconds later, I catch myself thinking it may actually turn out to be pretty convenient, because I am positively dying. Then for the first mile, the slope averages 16%: who needs a warm up when you can feel like puking instead?  After a few hundreds metres, I just cannot breath anymore, and start questionning whether I am right claiming that a good run is the best cure against a cold.  5kms and 500m elevation gain later, alternatively plodding through deep snow and mud, and I am not questioning that claim anymore: by now it is all too clear this was a very stupid thing to say indeed.

Top reached. That felt hard. That felt good.

The Mountain Masochist and I have handled our first mountain run together rather well. And since they deserve it, I'll probably treat them to another outing rather soon.   The only thing I felt very let down by, is their colour. I mean, BABY BLUE? What kind of colour is that for a masochist?


sea legs girl said...
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sea legs girl said...

Wow! Cool! Great that you found some trail running shoes you like. I too am on the lookout and may give those a try. I like the baby blue! It does after all take a tough woman to wear such a color.

Do you mind me asking which mountain you run on?

Marie-Aline said...

The "mountain" is called "TĂȘte de la Mandallaz", just 10 min from home. It is not a very impressive mountain, especially given how much choice we have around, but I like it, because it is close enough to go at lunchtime, you actually live from the bottom to reach the top (about 950m) which is a nice goal when you start, and... for other reasons you'll find out when I write about it for the book :-)

As for the shoes, did a lot of training in the snow in them over the past 10 days, and they're great for short to medium distance. For longer ones, maybe you could try the Continental Divie (also Montrail): not the most responsive shoes, but not super heavy, and better cushioning...

Helen said...


Helen said...

ok that worked! I cannot seem to comment on my own blog :)

But I am glad I came over and read this post anyway... it has been a while since I read your (always fun and interesting) posts (found you via sea legs girl of course!)

I love the Masochists - and I would definitely recommend them for long runs too. I have worn them for up to 100K on some rough trail and no problems at all. Great toe protection and I love the flexible forefoot. I used to wear the Continental Divides but just found that I didn't need all that shoe. Size 3??? wow! you are petite :) I wear a size 10! well, I guess that is UK size 8. Hope you continue to enjoy them.

And good luck with the job hunt!